Protecting Your Roll Up Door

Roll Up Door Repair in Washington, DC. Just think about how you are coming into your workplace in the morning, whether being in Washington State D.C. or Washington, or even trying to close it down at night, only to discover that the door does not open right. Yes, it certainly seems like a dream, but fortunately, you’ve found us. We are a professional garage installation and repair service in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We are happy to help! Here’s how roll-up doors work, and what we can do for you.

Roll-up doors are simply sections of metal tubing connected together in a series. A spring, made of steel or aluminum, rides on the top section of the door. As this top section moves up and down, the other sections move in unison, smoothly allowing access. All the moving parts are placed inside a high-cycle automatic transmission (A/C) system that uses powerful electric motors to move the door up and down.

Because we install and repair doors, we have a very good understanding of their operation and troubleshooting. Because all of our work is performed in high-tech facilities, we can troubleshoot doors in a quick and efficient manner. Our experienced team is always on hand to help with any problems that you may be experiencing with your roll up door repair in Washington, DC.

When it comes to our Washington, DC garage-door services, we offer a full range of services, including full custom roll up door repairs and installations, gate modifications and upgrades, and the removal of old and damaged sections of metal door. We can also perform repairs on any exterior doorway, including vinyl, aluminum, and steel, and come complete with a warranty on the workmanship of our garage door system, and a one-year limited warranty on labor on the workmanship of our door repair equipment. We do not specialize in residential door repairs and can not guarantee that our residential door systems will work if you have residential door problems, such as broken springs, missing or rusted bolts, bent rollers, improper closing, etc. However, we can guarantee that our residential systems will not only operate properly, but they will be trouble free for years to come.

We offer the following services: Gate Repair – Installing new roll up gates, fixing any issues with opening and closing, and resealing damaged areas. Garage Door Repairs – Is replacing or repairing damaged roll up doors, repairing bent sections, and other related issues. Gate adjustments – Adjusting the opening and closing of gates. Insulation – Troubleshooting and installation of new insulation. Electric, Plumbing, and Wiring Repairs – Troubleshooting electrical and plumbing issues, and installation of new electric and plumbing components.

All of our technicians are highly trained in installing and repairing commercial grade roll up doors. All commercial doors must meet stringent codes, and all must be sealed tightly to prevent unwanted intrusion from weather, rodents, and criminals. These types of doors are built tough and are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our technicians are well equipped to handle any repairs that may become necessary. Many commercial roll up doors are also imported into the US from overseas, and once again our technicians are trained and certified to install these doors.

A commercial roller shutter door is often involved in an accident that causes serious damage to the roll up door. This damage often occurs due to improper installation, poor quality materials, improper coating, and other factors. If this type of damage occurs to your roll up doors, we can quickly make the necessary repairs. Many of our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your door. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of doors we offer, contact our commercial division for a free consultation. Our expert will discuss with you your unique roll up door needs and give you an idea of how to properly maintain your door.

We strongly recommend hiring a residential gate service company rather than attempting to perform repairs on your own. A residential repair service company has gained knowledge and experience dealing with all types of residential doors and will know the best products and techniques to safely maintain your door. Residential door service companies can also offer routine maintenance as needed, without requiring you to drill holes or replace damaged parts. In addition, residential companies are usually licensed, bonded, and insured – ensuring that they are just as safe as you are. Contact your local residential door service company for a free consultation or a free estimate.

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